Rackspace Technology Privacy Statement and Notices

Personal Information Collected by Rackspace Technology

Rackspace Technology’s 金道投资配资_在线配资炒股:Privacy Notice describes how and where Rackspace Technology may collect, use and share the personal information that Rackspace Technology collects from individuals. It also details how individuals may exercise their rights in relation to such personal information (including requesting to access, update or delete personal information). Personal information could include, for example, an individual’s name and contact details that are provided when an individual:

  • Purchases services from Rackspace Technology;
  • Applies for a job with Rackspace Technology;
  • Visits a Rackspace Technology website; or
  • Signs up for Rackspace Technology events.
Please note, the Rackspace Technology Privacy Notice does not apply to information that Rackspace Technology processes on behalf of its customers (please see below for further details).

Rackspace Technology and its service providers and third party advertisers may use cookies, web beacons or other similar technologies when individuals visit or interact with Rackspace Technology online. For more information about Rackspace Technology’s use of tracking technologies, please visit the Rackspace Technology 金道投资配资_在线配资炒股:Cookie Notice. Individuals wishing to opt out of interest-based advertising or other forms of tracking by or on behalf of Rackspace Technology may do so by using the cookie consent tool accessed through the cookie icon in the lower left corner of the website, or by the other mechanisms set out in the Cookie Notice.

Personal Information Processed by Rackspace Technology

As part of the provision of services to customers, Rackspace Technology may process personal information on a customer’s behalf. Rackspace Technology’s commitment to customers in respect of such processing can be found in the Rackspace Technology Customer Data Processing Addendum. Rackspace Technology’s obligations are flowed down to Rackspace Authorized Sub-Processors.

To find out more about the shared responsibility model between Rackspace Technology and its customer in respect of information security and privacy, and the permitted cross-border transfer of personal information, please see the Rackspace Technology 金道投资配资_在线配资炒股:Customer Data Security and Privacy page.

Law Enforcement Information Requests

Rackspace Technology aims to provide transparency about the types of requests received from law enforcement and similar government agencies. Furthermore, law enforcement helps to ensure that Rackspace Technology’s services and customer data is protected from abuse or exploitation. Rackspace Technology believes there is a need to strike a balance that both enables effective law enforcement and provides strong privacy protections.

Once a year, Rackspace Technology publishes the number of legal demands for customer data received from law enforcement agencies around the world in the Rackspace Technology Law Enforcement Request Disclosure Report. While this report covers law enforcement requests, Rackspace Technology follows the same principles for responding to government requests for all customer data. Government requests for customer data must comply with applicable laws. A subpoena or its local equivalent is required to request non-content data; and a warrant, court order or its local equivalent is required for content data.

Rackspace Technology offers strong encryption as one of the many security features available for purchase. Rackspace Technology gives customers the option to manage their own encryption keys. Rackspace Technology does not support legislation that would prohibit or weaken the security or encryption technologies that would have the effect of weakening the security of the services, products or systems that Rackspace Technology offers to customers.

Privacy Questions

If you are a Rackspace Technology customer and have a privacy related question about Rackspace Technology services or the data that you host with Rackspace Technology, please contact your Rackspace Technology support team or service delivery manager. If you receive hosting or other services from a Rackspace Technology customer, and have privacy related questions about those services, please contact your supplier directly.

If you have questions or complaints about our privacy statement or practices, please contact Rackspace Technology at 金道投资配资_在线配资炒股:privacy@whitedevice.com. If you have an unresolved privacy or data use concern that Rackspace Technology has not addressed satisfactorily, please contact our U.S.-based third party dispute resolution provider (free of charge) at .